Logging in

From the main menu choose [ Window ] --> [ Show View ] --> [ Other ]
Expand the category [Chat4Eclipse]
Open the view Chat4Eclipse - Accounts

Click the "F" or "G" buttons in the "Chat4Eclipse - Accounts" view's tool bar to log in to Facebook or Google. For Google, use your Gmail email-id and password. For Facebook, use your Username [ --NOT THE EMAIL ID-- ] and your facebook password to login.


Enter the search text in the search bar in the "Chat4Eclipse - Accounts" view. If the text matches any part of your buddy's name or email address, his/her name will show up in the area below. To clear the search, click on the "X" mark on the right side of the search bar. Or, click on the search bar and press the [ESC] button on your keyboard.

Chat with your buddy

To chat with your buddy, just double click on his/her name, and chat in the "Chat4Eclipse - Chats" view area.

Toggle chat window (LOGGING) style

Click on the log icon in the "Chat4Eclipse - Chats" view to toggle the log mode. The style will be effective from the next chat message sent by you or your buddy

Sign In / Sign out / Delete account

Right click on the Account in the "Chat4Eclipse - Accounts" view, and choose an appropriate action

Hide/Show offline buddies

Click on the Grey color circle in the "Chat4Eclipse - Accounts" view near the "F" button to toggle the visibility of your offline friends.