Downloads and Installation


You can install the plug-ins like you install any other eclipse plugin

The update site is :

Detailed Installation Instructions

  • Go to Help > Install New Software
  • Click the add button in the near the "Work With:" dropdown.
  • Enter "Chat4Eclipse - Updates" (without quotes) in the "Name" field
  • Enter "" (without quotes) in the "Location" field. Press "OK" Button
  • Select the "Chat4Eclipse-Core" checkbox. Click Next
  • Click Next in the "Installtion details" page
  • Read and accept the license ; Click Finish
  • If a security warning appears, click "OK" button
  • You will be asked to restart eclipse. Click "YES"

Alternatively, you can download the plugin's jar from here and put it in your plug-ins folder. This is not reccomended as eclipse won't check for updates automatically. You could be stuck with outdated version of this plug-in